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Who's the dude?

My name is Brent Burden and I am a husband, father, creative photographer, American Ninja Warrior Competitor, and visual story teller.  I have been working in the creative world both full time and part time for 15 years. Since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Filmmaking in 2010, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many different people and help them capture and tell stories both through photography and film. 


I am a vintage or retro inspired artist who prides himself on being able to use modern professional camera equipment, and a unique look through the lens to help my clients capture there personalities and their vision for the stories and moments they are wanting to treasure and share.

Though a vintage look is a favorite, it is not the only style that we can achieve.  Whatever your need and desire, let's work together to take your ideas and make them a work of art to share with the world. 


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